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VBMS Bulletin, Issue #001 -- January 2023
January 01, 2023
To all professionals dedicated to the art and science of patient care:

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first issue of the new VBMS newsletter. Our Re-organization Committee is working on the possible restoration of the Virginia Beach Medical Society which entirely depends on the interest of healthcare professionals in the community. We have the idea that if we develop a new focus on improving the benefits for our members, they will consider returning to a community of like-minded individuals who care about the healthcare system to which we have devoted our lives and resources. Rather than leaving the system in shambles for which it appears to be heading currently, perhaps we could improve it somewhat and at least leave a structure upon which our younger colleagues could improve. We know it's a long shot, but we would like to give it a try.

This newsletter in conjunction with the new website at is an attempt to improve communication with our potential membership. We are hoping you will let us know the level of your interest by providing answers to a short survey at the end of the newsletter.

The effort to renew the Society with a new focus will be considerable, but we believe it is worth it if you agree.

Please click on the following link which will open the newsletter within the website to start the process:


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