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CVMS Bulletin - Shorts
December 17, 2023
To all professionals dedicated to the art and science of patient care:


Our recent social gathering for our first Annual Holiday Celebration at the Westin Residences Penthouse was considered a great success by all concerned. We wish to offer a heartfelt thanks to all those who attended. This will spring us forward into 2024 with significant momentum, and we hope all of you will come along for the ride. Be sure to tell your colleagues about us. Most organizations like this spread more by word-of-mouth than they do by advertising.

We intend to set up meetings with as many of our legislators as we can in the early part of next year and let them know what we are fighting for. We have a clear mission and an agenda full of proposals to improve healthcare and physician support. Now we need ALL physicians in our area to sign up so we can negotiate with our lawmakers with the strength and power that we need to make a difference. We don't have the money for lobbying like the big companies have, but we do have potential strength in the numbers of votes and in the amount of vocal and written campaign support that we can provide.

So, with your future in medicine and the healthcare of your patients in mind, if you haven't already done so, please join us now at the following link: membership.html

CVMS Steam Engine Pulling Up in Front of the Virginia General Assembly:)

Link to Virginia Legislature


Information to Consider about the COVID Booster

After a somewhat shaky entry into the market, with many doubts among physicians and the public about its safety and effectiveness, the new COVID Booster is beginning to look a little better as we find out more about it.

"Researchers found that getting vaccinated led to a 69% reduction in long-COVID risk among adults who received three vaccines before being infected. The risk reduction was 37% for those who received two doses. Experts say the research provides a strong argument for getting the vaccine, noting that about 10% of people infected with COVID go on to have long COVID, which can be debilitating for one quarter of those with long-lasting symptoms."

More info about the Covid Booster - 12-18-23

Severe Mental Illness and Death after COVID

Severe mental illness (SMI) has been linked to a 50% increased risk for all-cause mortality risk after COVID-19, a large population-based study suggests.
Serious Mental Illness and COVID

The Obesity Epidemic

"Increased recognition of obesity as a chronic disease, which is highly heritable, complex, and heterogeneous, has led to a growing specialty — obesity medicine — which has supplied new tools for clinical practice. For example, emerging novel nutrient-stimulated hormone therapies target brain receptors to help patients reach satiety sooner."

Here is a six-part video series on the complexities of this disease and new therapies that may provide some hope. -Provided by Medscape.
Obesity Video Series

May your Holidays be Joyful and May your Future in Medicine be Bright, Prosperous and Productive.

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Editor, Author: Dr. Greg Warth
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