Your membership in the Coastal Virginia Medical Society opens up an entire world of new benefits, networking, friends and opportunities. You won't know how you ever did without it. This is about being involved in your community, about helping other people and getting help when you need it. CVMS will provide support for your practice and for you personally. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to call for help when you run into a problem? CVMS is your problem solver, your #1 helper when things go wrong. We are your support system, your best friend. We will do anything and everything to provide the help you need to the best of our ability. 

If you were previously a member of the Norfolk Academy of Medicine, the Virginia Beach Medical Society or the Chesapeake Medical Society, CVMS automatically honors you as a member of this society. We still need to update our records by asking you to fill out the Membership Form below. And please continue your membership by submitting your Dues below the Membership Form.

How to Join or Continue your CVMS Membership

Please fill out and submit the form below to join or continue in CVMS. 

Membership Form

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What You are Paying For

Your dues payment covers:

  • quarterly membership meetings, 
  • monthly newsletters with updates on important medical and advocacy information, 
  • discounts at local restaurants, shows, museums, medical supply companies, linen services, and other venues, which will be advertised when available.
  • develop better cost-sharing plans across large groups.
  • advocacy service for specific problems in your practice, for healthcare in general, or barriers to patient care in your area. There is power in numbers. Help us to make a difference for you and for others.
  • free seminars and webinars on various medical and non-medical topics, to be announced.
  • access to Safe Haven, an affordable, completely private program to help with burnout and depression for medical professionals without fear of compromising your license or insurance.
  • access to Healthier Living 757, a patient education program like no other.
  • access to free CME programs.
  • referral services for patients looking for primary care physicians or specialists.
  • assistance with finding reputable attorneys, accountants, insurance companies, IT consultants, recruitment agencies, practice managers, wealth management companies, practice financial evaluators, and retirement planners.
  • creation of special interest groups or support groups on any subject, medical or non-medical, that you may not find elsewhere.
  • easily communicate with other individual members or entire groups of members with secure encrypted email.
  • Work with other members to improve medical efficiency, reduce healthcare costs, improve well-being of other medical professionals, improve patient-centered care, increase collegiality and support for others in the calling that we all signed up for. Be part of a team effort to make this impaired, fragmented system better. Help us develop new ideas, to reduce work loads and deliver better care.

For physicians, surgeons, faculty, PhDs:

          Dues = $240/year.  

For EVMS Med Students, Residents, Fellows:

          Dues = Free. Just fill out and submit the form above and you're done!


There are several Payment Options:

1. Pay by Check: Click on this link, PRINT the form, then fill it out. Mail the form plus your check to the following address:

Coastal Virginia Medical Society

2632 E Kings Rd

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

2. Use PayPal Online at this LINK.

3. Or Pay by QR Code:

With your PayPal App open, point your smartphone camera at this QR code to pay your dues:

QR code for Paypal payment

4. Or pay by regular credit card:

Pay your annual dues here

Pay your annual dues here


Pay now

Although we are a tax-exempt organization, your dues and/or contributions to CVMS are no longer considered tax-deductible as a charitable expense by the IRS. However, they may still be deductible as a business expense. Check with your accountant for details on your personal tax information. 

You will receive a receipt after your payment is made. 

You may cancel your membership at any time and receive a pro-rated refund.

Free Digital Newsletter

Stay up to date on issues and news you need to know. The CVMS Bulletin is published monthly and will list concerns that local physicians have expressed about healthcare in Coastal Virginia and how we can make it better. We will provide potential solutions and let you know what is happening behind the scenes to help solve these problems.

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The Roman Fasces was a symbol of strength and power occurring as a result of many binding together. It was made of multiple elm or birchwood rods about 5 feet long tied together and sometimes including an axe. It was carried by attendants to soldiers or powerful figures in ancient Rome. For us, it symbolizes that we are stronger and more powerful if we bind together in supporting our goals.

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