CVMS Board Minutes
January 2024


Minutes, CVS Board Meeting January 4, 2024

The zoom meeting was called to order at around 7 p.m. Present were Dr. Greg Warth, Dr. Lisa Barr, Dr. Jerome Blackman, Dr. Juan Montero, Dr. Alex Berger, and Dr. David Archer.

The financial report was provided by Dr. Warth.

The membership report was discussed by Dr. Barr. We then entered into a discussion about how we should enhance our membership. Various ideas were interjected including the possibility of setting up meetings with the members of large groups, inviting office managers to a board meeting, having discussions with the leaders of large groups such as Mark Winters with TPMG, Charlie Wilkes with Mid-Atlantic Women’s Group, Atlantic Ortho and Ortho VA. Lisa said that she would make some phone calls on Friday this week and see what she could find out in this regard.

We also talked about the movement that is occurring among physicians all over the country. There are apparently unions for physicians developing in up to 12 states. Some nurses and pharmacists have developed organizations as well and have staged walkouts. Jim Beckner mentioned that a speaker named Rick Mayes spoke to the Richmond Academy of Medicine regarding the possibility of unionization. Residents and younger physicians seem to be the ones mostly interested in this. we will ask him to give a presentation to our group in the near future.

We talked about networking and having more social events catering to the younger crowds between 40 and 65. Hackers was mentioned as a possible social venue. We also discussed having meetings about controversial subjects that many doctors may have opinions about. We also mentioned getting virtual webinars started. Keith, who I talked with after the meeting, wants to do one on Leadership. We are currently trying to set up one on telemedicine and another on mental health. Alex and Tom Chamberlain are setting up television spots on “Coast Live.” It was agreed not to mix social events with advocacy events.

We will continue on our course of informing the public through television and the news media and talking directly with legislators along with using the weight of the MSV to make proposals to the general assembly. We will continue our monthly board meetings and our advocacy articles in the newsletter. Keith is scheduling a meeting with Bill DeSteph (R), Virginia Senator, 8th District.

We should be able to gain some membership by creating interesting and informative meetings and webinars. Physicians have to feel that CVS has something to offer them before they will join. We will continue to discuss meetings, webinars, etc. by email and work behind the scenes. Our next board meeting will be the first Thursday of February.

Thanks to all for attending and for an excellent discussion.

Respectfully submitted,

Greg Warth, MD

President, Coastal Virginia Medical Society

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