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Foundation Membership - What Does it Mean?

Your membership in this foundation signifies your dedication to better healthcare for patients in Eastern Virginia, patient-centered education of healthcare professionals and support for those who stay in our area, and your support for those patients who have become economically and/or physically disadvantaged due to illness or injury through no fault of their own.

How to Join

There are several ways you might be eligible to join the Foundation Membership:

  • If you are a dues-paying member of CVMS, you are already a member of the Foundation.
  • If you have contributed 20 hours or more per year of volunteer time to the efforts of fund-raising or other work required by the Foundation to help those in need.
  • If you have donated $100 or more per year to the Foundation.
  • If you have rallied 3 or more others to join who were not members before.
  • If you are a non-paid volunteer who helps any non-family ill, elderly, or otherwise significantly disadvantaged person for 20 or more hours per year.

If you have done any one or more of the  above during a one year period, please fill out the application below to receive your membership card. 

Coastal Virginia Medical Foundation (CVMF) Membership Form

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The Roman Fasces was a symbol of strength and power occurring as a result of many binding together. It was made of multiple elm or birchwood rods about 5 feet long tied together and sometimes including an axe. It was carried by attendants to soldiers or powerful figures in ancient Rome. For us, it symbolizes that we are stronger and more powerful if we bind together in supporting our goals.

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