How to Become a Delegate for CVMS


What is a Delegate?

A Delegate for CVMS (Coastal Virginia Medical Society) is a physician-member of CVMS and MSV (Medical Society of Virginia) who represents and advocates for all the physician-members of CVMS and votes on their behalf at the Annual MSV Meeting in October.

What Does a Delegate Do?

A Delegate must become familiar with the policies of CVMS and the various position papers and proposals which are described in the Bulletin. He or she should be able to discuss these if necessary, including the pros and cons, and the potential resolutions that are put forth by CVMS and answer any questions that may come up about them.

Attendance at one or more of the CVMS Board Meetings may be helpful in understanding these proposals and why we feel they are important. Delegates should also attend a Caucus Meeting in August where all the Delegates in the 2nd District meet to discuss the proposals.

You may wish to review the Delegates Handbook when it becomes available for 2024 prior to the Annual Meeting so you can familiarize yourself with the multiple proposals that will be brought up for a vote.

After this preparation, the Delegate then attends the MSV Annual Meeting in October. Specifically at the House of Delegates Session, the Delegate provides support for the resolution(s) as needed. You may have to agree or disagree to any amendments that might be brought up. And then ultimately vote for it. The Delegates may also vote for or against other resolutions presented by other societies.

If a resolution is passed, it then becomes the policy of the Medical Society of Virginia. These policies are then passed on to the Virginia State Legislators who then can create legislation in the form of "Bills" which, if passed by the State Legislature, becomes law.

Based on the number of members that we have, CVMS is allowed five Delegates and five Alternate Delegates to attend the Annual Meeting. The Alternate Delegates are only needed if the one or more of the regular Delegates becomes ill or can't attend the meeting for some reason.

How to Become a Delegate

1.) You first must be a member of the Medical Society of Virginia, which will require an annual dues payment (currently $500). If you can't afford this, let us know. CVMS may be able to help.

2.) You have to be approved as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate by the Board of CVMS.

3.) All Delegates and/or Alternate Delegates are asked to attend a Caucus in August, usually at a local restaurant, to discuss the proposals that are being submitted. There will be other Delegates there for the Tri-County Medical Society and/or any other medical societies that are or may become societies within the 2nd District.

4.) You then have to register for the Annual MSV Meeting if you haven't already. There is a Gala during that weekend which you may optionally register for as well - for yourself and a guest.

5.) Then you just have to attend the Annual MSV meeting in October so you can be there to represent our CVMS physician-members and vote accordingly. Each Delegate is allowed one vote on each proposal.

Raising hands

This is actually very interesting and even fun. You learn a lot about what's going on in healthcare at the state level. You may be amazed that there are other physicians who think the same way you do. You may find it reassuring that all hope is not lost and perhaps there actually IS a way for us to make it better. Maybe you are not as powerless as you thought you were.

If you would like to become a Delegate, please let us know. There really is not much to it and yet it is so important. You have to go to a couple of meetings and vote on very interesting resolutions. You become the voice of your physician colleagues back home. And YOU are making a difference! That's exciting when you think about it!

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