Continuing education is the hallmark of a good healthcare provider. There is so much to learn and very little time in which to learn it. What we learn in college and later in professional school is only the base of what we need to know. We have to continue to learn new things every day, not just medical things but also general knowledge like world news, economics, taxes, business, real estate, etc. etc. We all want to be educated, well-rounded, and knowledgable citizens.

I am humbled every time I watch "Jeopardy" on television. But we don't really need to know ALL that stuff. We need to just focus on the things that we need to know for everyday living. For us, that's mostly medicine. But it truly would be nice to have had more basic education about business, finances, and investing. We have to learn most of those disciplines on our own.

CMEs and other Classes

As your new medical society, we intend to focus on education of all kinds but mostly those topics you really want or need to know about. Medical education will include mostly CME topics that will be of interest to most providers rather than high intensity topics that would only serve a specific specialty. Other topics will include courses in business, leadership, real estate, patient care, running an office practice, scheduling your time better, investing, and others.We could collaborate with local colleges and medical schools to receive special instruction in these areas. Many of our colleagues are well-versed in these topics and could provide seminars and/or webinars. Once we are better established and have a good income stream, we could potentially provide a small fund for teachers of these classes.

Edu-tainment Classes

We also want to have classes that are entertaining, fun, and a diversion from day-to-day medical stress. Learn how to balance your life. Learn new hobbies. Learn about gardening, dancing, photography, and other things, wherever your interest lies.

Special Interest Groups

We want to establish groups within the Society containing people with similar interests, like some of those listed in the paragraph above. What about a music group that could play at our meetings? We could have sports outings, like golf, bowling softball. We could use some of these things to bring donations into the Society.

There is so much potential benefit here, it would be a shame to let these opportunities slide away.

What Are Your Interests?
What Would You Like the Society To Do for You?
Which of the Above Classes or Groups Sound Interesting to You?


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