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An essential component of our ability to be effective is communication with each other and the community around us. 

If you have a concern or comment and wish to contact us about it, or if you wish to become a member of the CVMS, please let us know by phone (757-816-8399) or email at

What can CVMS do to help you and/or your patients? What are your concerns about healthcare delivery in your area? What do you see as inefficiencies in the healthcare system locally and/or at the state level? What should we be working on to improve your ability to provide good patient care? What stumbling blocks do you run into on a daily basis that could be resolved if you had the help and support of CVMS?

We need your input so we can start collecting a list of concerns, problems, and frustrations that you as healthcare providers are facing, so we can then start doing something about them. Please enter whatever you are thinking in the box below.


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Stay up to date on issues and news you need to know. The CVMS Bulletin is published monthly and will list concerns that local physicians have expressed about healthcare in Coastal Virginia and how we can make it better. We will provide potential solutions and let you know what is happening behind the scenes to help solve these problems. Membership is not currently required to receive the newsletter.

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Roman Fasces: A symbol of strength and power due to the bundling of many into one united entity.

The Roman Fasces was a symbol of strength and power occurring as a result of many binding together. It was made of multiple elm or birchwood rods about 5 feet long tied together and sometimes including an axe. It was carried by attendants to soldiers or powerful figures in ancient Rome. For us, it symbolizes that we are stronger and more powerful if we bind together in supporting our goals.

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