CVMS Board Minutes Oct 2023


1.     Call to order.

2.     Financial Report.  Dues trickling in.  Accounts receivable $1000 from MSVIA for advertising.  Greg $1000.00 donation.  We are a 501C6 organization that can accept donations but are unable to provide a tax break to the donor.  Corporate attorney Neil Rose.

3.     Membership Report. We have 140 people subscribed to the newsletter.  Discussion for an Associate membership for non-physicians proposed by Lisa and Jim Beckner. We discussed getting lists from the AMA and the Medical Society of Virginia as well as getting a person on the Chesapeake General Hospital staff to get a copy of their list.

4.     Collegiality – First Membership Meeting – December or January? Sponsor? Monthly Happy Hours? At the Westin?  Discussion:  Late January or early February 2024 private home.  Penthouse at Westin for Happy Hours monthly with the first one as a pilot project.  Beckner - use brewery, or a happy family friendly place. Rotate each local.  Norfolk Zoo has a great location for a meeting. Norfolk Zoo, Brewery in VA Beach, Chesapeake. Lisa will investigate Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  A local Tesla dealership and include spouse or guest recommended by Jim Beckner and Lisa will call local dealership. 

5.     Healthy Living 757 Partnership:  Remind members that this is available and is a benefit for members and patients. Alex is obtaining video from Tom and will be placed on the web site.  Right now, this will be a dedicated 757- page. Tom has committed to a presentation at the first membership meeting.

6.     MSVIA – No exclusive contract at this time but agreed to accept $1000/yr. for monthly ads in newsletter and on website along with allowing attendance at membership meetings and allowing a seat on Advisory Board.  Allows CVMS (us) to have a professional relationship with an insurance company.

7.     Preparation for MSV Annual Meeting listed at –Jim Beckner what to expect.  Joel Bundy link:   All delegates will be provided a handbook at .  A physician can attend but does not have a vote unless a delegate.

8.     Begin Webinars in January 2024– Keith wants to talk on leadership.  Greg talk on scheduling in the office.  Approve access to care through scheduling. Jerry would do one on Mental health. Leadership, Hobbies, Business, Scheduling. Lisa suggests legal, AI and attorneys on employee law.  Plan for every 4 month for workshop/ Webinar and not schedule a membership meeting or social in the same month.  Could include office manager and /or office administrator/nurse/ staff.  Jim Beckner will send MSV reports from last four years and email to Lisa Barr and perhaps other members of the Board. Associate membership could include office administrators or staff.

9.     Benefits for members: Find discounts at restaurants, museums, theaters, Sandler Center for the 140 members of the CVMS.  This would be after addressing members’ concerns over education and medical-related problems.  Truist bank has a Physician section and looking for ways to get to Physicians.  Possible non-voting corporate member to include Kaufman and Canoles or other corporations. Be sure and look for corporate sponsorship for the dinners and allow them to make a two-minute pitch.

10.  Marketing: Ad will appear in Doctor-to-Doctor magazine this month that will go to 7000 doctors.  A copy is in Slack.  Contact the Pilot and Greg will follow up with him.  Flyers, business cards. Article in Pilot and in Coastal Magazine. Newspapers are dying for opinion pieces on medical issues (disease).  CVMS should be a leader in putting out opinion pieces on current issues.  Alex has a piece on COVID rebound that she has researched.  Consider members for local news shows in lab coats with CVMS on the pocket.  Chamber of Commerce. Alex suggests the marketing and publicity Director but demurred at being the person in charge.  CVMS needs a clearing house with one person who screens it all and knows where it is being placed for information.  Jim suggests a TAB for news or newsletter or op editorial on the web site.

11.  Short Articles for Newsletter.

12.  New ideas. Virginia Total Care (health management similar to Humana) wants to partner with CVMS.  Greg will get someone to talk at the next meeting.

13.  Greg will develop a planning committee.

14.  Action: Non-disclosure agreement and roster with phone and emails for Board for distribution.  Alex and Greg to meet with Neil Rose re: what do Board members need.

15.  We discussed the possibility of consulting other attorneys, but this would likely end up being expensive, confusing and complicated.  It was felt that Mr. Rose could handle most everything that we would need legally.

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