CVMS Board Minutes 
September 7, 2023


Coastal Virginia Medical Society
Minutes for Board Meeting #3 of September 7, 2023

Location: Westin Residencies Penthouse Lounge

Time: 6:30PM – 10:00PM

Members present: Dr. Greg Warth, Dr. Jerome Blackman, Dr. Alexandria Berger, Dr. Juan Montero

Members excused: Dr. Keith Berger, Dr. Lisa Barr, Dr. David Archer, Dr. Joel Bundy, Dr. Duane Lawrence

After initial introductions and fellowship, the meeting was called to order.

The first order of business was to allow the Medical Society of Virginia Insurance Agency to make a presentation. They bring multiple resources to the table to help our medical society grow including marketing services to help expand our membership, financial resources, multiple insurance packages for our members and others. They will send us some paperwork and forms to review and will ask us to consider a contractual arrangement. No decisions were made regarding this at this meeting. It will be reviewed carefully and presented to other members of the Board before a decision is made.

It was announced that letters of introduction to all prior and new potential members of the newly merged medical society (CVMS) along with invoices for paying dues are being sent out within the next week. We are hoping for a good response.

We have submitted an advertisement and an interview to the Doctor-To-Doctor Magazine which reaches a circulation of around 7000 people. This will inform doctors about the new CVMS and answer questions about how to join and get involved. In addition, flyers have been developed to place in the doctors’ lounges at all the local hospitals to spread the word about our medical society.

The first Membership Meeting is still tentatively planned for September 29, 2023, although subject to change.

The following Delegates are planning to attend the Medical Society of Virginia Annual Meeting in October: Greg Warth, Keith Berger, Duane Lawrence, Joel Bundy, and James Larocque. Dr. Larocque will be proposing a resolution to do a formal study of the COVID vaccines, now that the Emergency Use is over. We all agreed that this is an important issue and should be supported.

A corporate attorney, Neil Rose, has been selected and has agreed to serve on our Advisory Board. We welcome his presence and expertise in corporate matters.

Our final presentation for the evening was an excellent introduction to a patient education program by Tom Chamberlain, owner and CEO of Edlogics. Tom and his company have developed a game-formatted platform where patients can learn important information about a variety of illnesses in a way that is fun, entertaining and very informative. This program called Healthier 757 has been shown to actually improve overall health of populations in which it has been introduced. It is currently funded by philanthropists, donations, sponsorships, etc. from many companies like Towne Bank and Amazon. We were shown a demo of this platform in which users can actually win monetary rewards for answering questions and learning about their health. We agreed to partner with EdLogics and have this available to all our members and their patients for free.

We would like to thank all of our presenters for being there and for introducing themselves and their resources that may be very helpful to our membership and their patients.

We especially want to thank our hostess and Board member, Dr. Alexandria Berger, who make all the arrangements for beverages, appetizers, and dinner as well as an excellent venue in which to have a meeting.

Our next Board Meeting will be on October 5th, 2023. Please mark your calendars now.

Thanks to all Board members and advisors for participating in getting CVMS established. We are making good progress in developing advocacy programs, recruiting members, and beginning social programs, all within our first eight months.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory J. Warth, MD, FACP

Current President,

Coastal Virginia Medical Society


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