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The Logo and Corporate Seal of the Coastal Virginia Medical Society was chosen by one of the founders for its symbolic representation of the organization and what it stands for.

The first and most obvious connection of the logo to CVMS is that it is a coastal scene, a reference to the location of CVMS on the coast of eastern Virginia, and hence a reference to part of its name as well. Eastern Virginia also happens to be a place that was instrumental in the victorious resolution of the American Revolution.

The lighthouse indicates that CVMS represents a pillar of support for physicians and patients in the area. The beacon is a powerful guiding light to give physicians direction and guidance throughout their medical careers. The beacon is also a symbol of drawing physicians together in a spirit of friendship and support for each other. A third meaning for the beacon is that the influence of our organization will be far-reaching, spreading knowledge and providing guidance for others.

The land is a solid foundation of medicine upon which we stand beginning with Hippocrates and all the medical  scholars that followed to create the knowledge of science and humanity, which serves as our strength, and which calls physicians to serve others. The sand on the beach indicates that the science of medicine is not always concise and perfect, which creates our humility. There is much more to learn.

The waves stand for the uncertainty and unpredictability of our times, but also represent the waves of advocacy which we must create in order to make changes and improvements in our healthcare landscape. This is our mission and our resolve, our quiet revolution.

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Roman Fasces: A symbol of strength and power due to the bundling of many into one united entity.

The Roman Fasces was a symbol of strength and power occurring as a result of many binding together. It was made of multiple elm or birchwood rods about 5 feet long tied together and sometimes including an axe. It was carried by attendants to soldiers or powerful figures in ancient Rome. For us, it symbolizes that we are stronger and more powerful if we bind together in supporting our goals.

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